S&B provides a broad range of legal services to its clients. Among its areas of special expertise are included:


The firm defends allegations of wrongful denial of health, disability and life benefits against employers and insurers. The firm defends such claims, as well as allegations of bad faith and breach of contractual, statutory and fiduciary obligations. Depending upon the nature of the benefit plan, these cases may be tried in federal or state court, and may implicate the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).

Business Litigation

S&B represents businesses and business owners in commercial disputes. Banking, Manufacturing, Media, Real Estate, Financial Services and Health Care Industries are just some of the fields from which the firm draws its commercial clients. S&B has represented clients in disputes regarding contracts, non-compete agreements, ownership interests, dissolutions, UCC rights and transactions, among others.


The firm defends defamation claims generally, but especially in the context of employment litigation.

Directors and Officers Liability

S&B defends, monitors, and analyzes claims against directors and officers of companies, where allegations such as breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, misrepresentation, and negligence have been made against the corporate leaders.


S&B offers a full range of employment law services. A risk management approach to employer employee relations is emphasized Review and audit of clients' employee manuals, training and continuing education for employers' supervisory personnel are offered. Employment litigation matters in which the firm represents its clients include, among others, allegations of discrimination; retaliatory discharge; breach of express contracts; violations of provisions of employee handbooks and policy manuals; non competition covenants; alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VII, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration Act, and the Colorado Wage Act; libel and slander; intentional interference with existing and prospective contracts; outrageous conduct; and privacy issues including workplace violence, drug testing and polygraphs.

Health Care

S&B litigates managed care, professional liability, and malpractice matters involving the full array of medical professionals and health care facilities We represent individual health care professionals before various State Boards of Examiners and institutional clients before the Department of Public Health and Environment and other investigative and regulatory bodies. We provide general corporate representation to health care professionals and institutions, and the firm advises individual professionals on contractual relationships, including financial incentives and the terms for joining, leaving, or selling practices.

Insurance and Insurance Defense

S&B represents insurers in litigation related to coverage and policy disputes, including bad faith claims. Additionally, the firm can defend clients before the Division of Insurance in regulatory actions and compliance matters.

The firm defends insureds as retained counsel under a variety of liability defense and indemnity policies, including automobile, home owners, general and commercial liability, professional liability, and errors and omissions policies.

Personal Injury

A significant percentage of the firm's work involves the representation of employers and self insured companies, and the defense of civil litigation. Occasionally, however, and following a careful evaluation of the merits of a particular claim, plaintiffs' personal injury litigation is undertaken on behalf of persons who have suffered injury or property damage.

Product Liability

The firm's experience in defending product liability claims extends to a variety of products, both industrial and consumer, including: drugs and medical devices; beds and mattresses; pumps; firearms; and electronic components. Additionally, the firm gives advice to clients regarding warnings and labeling issues inherent in the production and sale of products and consumer goods.

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